Gollins Commercial is a boutique commercial agency with more than 30 years experience in the New Zealand commercial property market, building successful relationships and consistently achieving excellent results. We are not interested in adding to our listings, obtaining another sign site or withholding properties from our competitors.

We list properties with a single objective:

To sell them or lease them.

Gollins Commercial sells properties in the range of $2million to $100million plus. Many of our transactions are 'off-market' - property acquired for investors without fanfare, both nationally and internationally. We know the secret to success is building trusting relationships within the industry and working collaboratively whilst maintaining extremely high standards of client confidentiality. Any property listed with Gollins Commercial is actively marketed until sold or leased.

Gollins Commercial specialises in site amalgamation and has a very successful record, particularly in retail development. We know no deal is unachievable. Success for our clients comes from exceptional market knowledge; superb negotiating skills and a complete absence of doubt. Consistent results are achieved by collaborating with multiple disciplines, maintaining a high standard of communication and tapping into a vast network of intelligence and experience. Client confidentiality is paramount and is another pillar of our success.

Gollins Commercial is committed to providing a high quality confidential service, with superior results.
Whatever your commercial property requirements please discuss it with us first.

The Hub sold in 6 days